Teaching Compassion In The Garden

Compassion Flower Project Garden Guide

We are thrilled to have partnered with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to create the Compassion Flower Project Garden Guide, a downloadable guide to help families plant the seeds of compassion with six weeks of simple gardening activities. 

Using lessons from the garden, Mrs. Meyer’s started the Compassion Project to help parents grow compassion in kids with the mission of growing a kinder world, one seed at a time. 

Explore the Compassion Project from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and dig deeper into teaching compassion through the garden.

Growing Compassion in Kids

We want our kids to be happy. We want them to do well. But most of all, we want them to be kind!

Parents Magazine recently hosted the Growing Compassion in Kids event so that caregivers can learn strategies for raising compassionate and generous humans from a panel of leading experts, including the executive director of KidsGardening, Em Shipman. Thank you, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, for sponsoring this amazing discussion!

Kids Garden Community Founding Partner

A big thank you to Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day for their help in launching our new Kids Garden Community! 

To celebrate the return of their Compassion Flower Hand Soap, they are providing $100K in our game-changing online community. This contribution will allow you — the parents, educators, volunteers, and communities who garden with kids — to come together in the Kids Garden Community online to ask questions, make connections, access resources, learn from each other, and stay inspire. Together, we will create change for our kids, communities and the planet.

Additional Garden Activities to Grow Kindness

Child peering out from a bean fort

Garden Activity: Friendship Fort

Having a special place to hang out with friends is a great addition to a garden or green space. A fort made of a few bamboo stakes and pole bean seeds is easy and it makes a great garden play space. Plus once the beans start producing, there are fresh and easy available snacks!

Two pre-school age children help each other with a hose and watering can in the garden.

Lesson Plan: Kindness in the Garden

Gardening programs offer many opportunities for youth to practice showing kindness to each other, to their community, and to our planet. Use this lesson to inspire your students to brainstorm and complete one or more acts of kindness through your garden.

Project Climate Club members with oak tree seedlings in the cab of a truck.

Program Spotlight: Project Climate Club

Alexi Lindeman, a senior in high school, spearheaded a reforestation program by growing acorns from seed! She'd like other kids to know that change takes time, but it all starts with caring.

Beth Saunders