Magic in the Garden with KidsGardening and Gabby’s Dollhouse

Feel the magic of the garden!

KidsGardening is excited to garden with our friends at Gabby's Dollhouse! Whether or not you have a magical Kitty Fairy to garden with, there are many fun and easy ways to garden at home. Here are a few fun ideas to get started with your family.

New Plants from Old Plants

Kitchen Scrap Gardening is a magical way to grow new plants from old plant parts! With little effort and a pinch of creativity you can devise some very imaginative indoor gardens from your kitchen leftovers! Kids love this idea, and it's a great way to reinforce the sustainable living concepts of recycling and reusing.

Fairy House

Building a Fairy House  or other small structures for Kitty Fairy, or other imaginary kin to live in the garden is a great, inexpensive way to encourage kids to use their imaginations. When your children are fully engaged in pretend play in the garden they are stimulated in many ways—creating, observing, collecting, exercising, and communicating—all while enjoying and gaining an appreciation for the natural world and quiet spaces. All you’ll really need to make this project magical is a little fairy dust!

Growing Salad

Growing Salad is really illuminating for kids because greens are one of the easiest crops to grow indoors! Grow spinach, lettuce, or mesclun mix and kids can begin to harvest within a month. As a bonus, growing salad can be a conversation starter about where food comes from. To get started, you just need a few things: a bright sunny window, seeds, pots and soil.

Tips for success

For parents and caregivers: Wondering what to expect when it comes to gardening with kids? Our guide on Garden By Age will give you a few ideas of age-appropriate activities in the garden. Looking for even more great garden activities? Browse our entire collection of garden ideas to do with kids! KidsGardening is a national nonprofit organization that helps to create opportunities for kids to play, learn, and grow in the garden.

Learn Kitty Fairy's Cat of the Day Song!

Get gardening with your kids!

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