Kids Garden Month Winners

April is Kids Garden Month. ‘What do you love about your garden?’

Congratulations to our Kids Garden Month winners!

We were so amazed by all the wonderful entries this year! We had 365 entries this year, and it was amazing to see so many kids playing, learning, and growing in their gardens. Thank you to every person who shared what they loved about their garden!

Individual Grand Prize Winner -- Roland

Roland Loves to Garden!

Group Grand Prize Winner -- Vogelweh Elementary

Vogelweh Elementary loves their school garden! Here are a few reasons why:

“Love the pretty flowers”

“Smelling the flowers”

“Doing anything with dirt”

“Love the gems in the fairy garden. Finding them is like a scavenger hunt.”

“Garden is my peaceful place”

“Memory of my grandparents and gardens on the farm.”

“Visiting with friends”

“Gardening makes me happy”

“Love the weather and  owers”

“Eating the spinach that I grew”

“We love planting seeds”

“We love our worm friends and naming them”

School Winners


Cyril K Brennan Middle School

Students were asked what they loved about working in the vegetable garden; Owen said "planting the seeds", Jason likes to sit in the garden, Casey likes the sun on his face, Matt said "picking vegetables," Grace likes to pull weeds, Gopesh loves playing with the water coming out of the hose, and Savanna wants to eat salad.

Tracey Magnet School

Zayn says the garden "helps the animals and Earth get healthier." Manuel says his favorite thing about the garden is "the possibility of seeing a butterfly." Mayar loves our pollinator garden and thinks it's funny that "worm poop helps the plants grow." Jeriel thinks it's cool that "it is a garden in a school!" Samir and Kamaya love the redbud tree. Steven and Royce and Anyelin love that we have milkweed for the monarch butterflies. Carmen and Elijah love the little rainbow watering cans. Ubener loves that "we grow things we can eat!" Sophia loves that, at Tracey, everyone gets to help take care of the garden. Andrez loves the flowers.

St. Peter's School

The Second Graders at St. Peter's School spent a week working on short essays about what they love about gardening. Here is a sample essay!

Roopville Elementary

The kids at Roopville Elementary love to get outside of the four walls of the classroom to learn! They submitted a collection of videos, here is just one!

West Bloomfield High School Literary Garden

As the Hemingway documentary just aired on PBS, some of the West Bloomfield High School Literary Club members were inspired to answer your question in the form of a six word story. Why do they love our garden?

Literary Garden: planting seeds, reaping inspiration.

Township of Ocean Intermediate School

Students were given the choice of how they wanted to create their entries. Some students painted on canvas, some wrote poems and created videos, one student even wrote a song and reordered herself singing it. The diverse ways in which kids created their projects are as diverse as my students themselves. Here is just one of their amazing entries!

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