Elementary Educators’ Guide to Container Gardening

Big or little, one or many, edibles or flowering plants – container gardens are bursting with potential and the perfect way to begin your garden adventures!

Container gardens are an excellent way to dive into the world of school gardening. As long as you have adequate light and access to water, planting in containers gives you and your students the opportunity to grow a wide variety of crops like vegetables, herbs, flowers, and even fruit trees. Best of all, you don’t need a huge amount of space, time, or money to get started.

A graphic of a potted plant

Elementary Educators’ Guide to Container Gardening from Crescent Garden & KidsGardening

KidsGardening and Crescent Garden are partnering to bring you the Elementary Educators’ Guide to Container Gardening. Crescent Garden, one of the premier container gardening providers and a pioneer in self-watering solutions, is a long-time partner of KidsGardening and a supporter of school gardens.

The Elementary Educators’ Guide to Container Gardening teaches educators the basics of container gardening with kids, including container garden design, planting tips, and curriculum connections.

The Guide also contains ten ideas for creating engaging themed container gardens for kids, from a Salsa Garden to a Tea Garden or Sensory Garden.

A graphic of a raised bed planter

Container Gardening with Kids Webinar

KidsGardening’s senior education specialist Sarah Pounders and gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi recently teamed up for a fun, interactive Container Gardening with Kids webinar.

Watch the recording to see how you can most successfully engage kids in container gardening and how this approach can become a cost-effective, successful, fun way to grow at school, home, or anywhere you garden!

Youth Garden Grant Speciality Award

Additionally, this year, Crescent Garden has agreed to generously donate five container garden speciality award packages to our 2023 Youth Garden Grant! Each collection is valued at $1,900.