GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant

As the new year begins, we find ourselves itching to get outside and garden. Children and educators are starting to dream about what magic the garden will hold this spring, summer, and fall. Educators are scouring through the new seed catalogs to find the most beautiful cucumbers, zinnias, and varieties of kale that can be used in smoothies with children and hosting seed exchanges to add variety to their collection.

January is also the perfect time to secure funding for the garden space, and KidsGardening has a grant opportunity open right now!

The 2022 GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant, brought to you by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation and KidsGardening, is designed to bring the life-enhancing benefits of gardens to communities across the United States. The GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant is open until February 4, 2022. 

A teenager shovels soil out of a blue wheelbarrow. A garden is visible in the background.

This year, 150 programs will receive $500 - $1,500 in funding to start or enhance their garden or greenspace. Programs will have the opportunity to apply for additional funding through the following specialty award categories: Plus, Pride, and Equity.

We know that every garden program is unique and requires different levels of support. By offering the Plus Specialty Award this year, we are able to hear the specific challenges programs are facing, such as financial, environmental, safety, health, and regulation challenges, and offer more funding to support the programs in overcoming or finding a solution to the challenge. We will award five programs $1,000 in 2022, in addition to the $500 base award. 

The Pride Specialty Award is an extension of our 2021 GroPride Pilot Grant Program that funded three incredible programs that serve a majority of LGBTQ+ youth: Dykes with Drills in Lafayette, CA, Pride For Youth in Bellmore, NY, and Walla Walla Valley Farm to School in Walla Walla, WA. These three programs are providing opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth to spend more time outdoors, interact with nature, and learn about their local food system. The garden programs are engaging the community, promoting leadership, and reinforcing positive identity. We are thrilled to expand the program this upcoming year through the Pride Specialty Award by awarding five programs $1,000 in funding, in addition to the $500 base award, 

The third specialty award category, Equity, is a new opportunity for garden educators of color who work with a majority of youth of color. We want kids to see leaders that look like them and garden programs are the perfect place for that. Historically, garden programs, led by people of color have been under-resourced, and we have the responsibility to shift our grant programs to support those communities. We look forward to awarding five programs $1,000, in addition to the $500 base award, as part of the Equity Specialty Award. 

We love supporting unique and innovative garden programs and are excited to read through the amazing applications this year to the 2022 GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant.

Whether you are developing a natural garden habitat for pollinators, providing therapeutic benefits to individuals through gardening, creating an edible garden, or engaging children in outdoor nature-based play space, we know that you are making a difference in the lives of the children. 

Kids and adults gathered around a raised bed garden.

We look forward to supporting 150 programs through the 2022 GroMoreGrassroots Grant! Apply by February 4, 2022, to be considered.