Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Here are a few KidsGardening resources educators, volunteers, and families could use to honor National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15) through the garden!

Fostering Hispanic, Latinx and Spanish Origin Culture in Youth Gardens

As part of our Culturally Inclusive Teaching through the Garden webinar series, educators Ceci Orozco and Ángeles Martínez of Growing Gardens in Oregon were joined by host Daniel Barrera Ortega for a bilingual webinar in English and Spanish.

Celebrating the Heritage of Hispanic Foods

A cut avocado, black beans in a pot, and a brown root laid out togetherExploring a region’s cuisine with your students gives them a window into its culture, traditions, and social and agricultural history. 

Exploring the Flavors of your Community

Kids holding up produce outside a schoolOne way to explore different cultural heritages is for students to learn about the traditional foods, culinary practices, and celebrations of their classmates and neighbors. 

Creating Signs for Culturally Relevant Plants

group of garden signs made from wood and painted with vegetable names in different languagesGarden signs inspire curiosity and reinforce learning. Through this lesson, kids will create signs for plants with cultural connections.

Many of our most popular lessons and activities are also available in Spanish! We encourage you to visit the "Siembra con niños" section of our website if you or your students would like Spanish versions of our materials.