What You Loved in 2022
How did your garden grow this year? Did your kids have a favorite plant or gardening activity? Check out this list below of our most popular resources for 2022 based on what parents, educators, and caregivers used the most.  Did you try any on this list?

Top Activity: Building a Terrarium

close up of plants growing in a terrariumMake a miniature garden grown inside a covered glass or plastic container! Terrariums are low maintenance, and a great way to incorporate plants into your classroom or home!


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Top Lesson Plan: The Plant-Soil Relationship

Seedlings and soil in compostable potsNot only is soil important to plants, plants are also important to soil formation. Without plants, the earth would be barren, its surface unprotected from the effects of sun, wind, and rain, and its soil composition too poor to sustain life. Plant roots help to prevent erosion, and when plants die, they become the raw material for worms, insects, and microbes to build the nutrient-rich humus that supports robust food webs and promotes good soil structure.


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Top Growing Guide: Plants for Black Swallowtail Butterflies

black swallowtail butterfly caterpillar on feathery leavesIf we want to enjoy butterflies flitting among our flowers, we must learn to recognize them in all their life stages: egg, caterpillar, pupa, adult. And, if we want to attract them to our gardens, we must provide food for both the caterpillars and the adults.


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Top Activity Pack: Pollinator Pals Activity Book

Sketch of plants and pollinators that reads Activity Book in the centerKidsGardening partnered with Little Seeds Kids to compile twelve pollinator profiles with fun activities to help kids learn about some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Learn to draw a bumblebee, map your monarch migration route, and more in this FREE 39-page activity book!


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Top Webinar: Culturally Inclusive Garden-Based Learning

A purple and yellow graphic that reads Culturally Inclusive Garden-based Learning webinar May 10, 2022.Edible school gardens are ideal spaces to talk about and celebrate diversity and cultural traditions around food and agriculture. KidsGardening hosted a lively discussion with renowned garden educators and authors Dr. Dilafruz Williams, Amoreena Guerrero, and Lori Koenick to discuss what culturally inclusive garden-based learning looks like and how we can make it the norm across our edible school garden programs.


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