2020 Gift Guide

Are you looking for some kids garden gift ideas? We’ve got them! This year, we’re thinking hands-on. These suggestions are great for all ages – including adults.

Garden kits

There are lots of great garden kits out there, but you can often save money if you think of the activity you want to do, and then built a little kit around it. (Our activity e-kits are great for this!) Here are a few more ideas:

Seed ball kit
Seed balls are great fun for nature-lovers! You can buy a seed ball kit or put together your own with some seed ball mix and wildflower seeds.

close up of plants growing in a terrariumIf you’d prefer to put together a little kit on your own, we’ve got a seed ball recipe, and our friends at Botanical Interest have some wildflower seed collections appropriate for different parts of the country.

Container garden kit
Do you know how much we love and recommend container gardening? It’s a great way to start (or expand!) at home or at school. Try this container garden seed collection to kick off your planting, and put them in a stack of containers.

Terrarium kit
You can create a very cool, mini living playspace with a few simple materials! If you want to bump up the fun factor, you could make a few acorn people or purchase a few fairy gardening accessories. Check out the materials list on our Build a Terrarium activity for more details.


Books are always fun! We love Emma Biggs’ book Gardening with Emma. It’s bright, colorful, full of creative inspiration for kids, written by a kid!

Each year, the American Horticultural Society and Junior Master Gardener select the best new children’s books about gardening and nature. All the selections are great, but The Thing About Bees: A Love Letter, by Shabazz Larkin is my favorite.


How about a worm composter? This may be more of a family gift, but feeding your food scraps to worms is very cool! (Our program director Christine loves hers. Watch a little demo of how she uses her worm composter.) You can also make your own worm composting bin.

Small socks with worms, soil, carrots, and turnipsSocks

If you need a stocking stuffer for your young gardener, we have just a few pairs left of our custom KidsGardening socks!

Beth Saunders