2021 Gardening Grants

A few weeks ago KidsGardening kicked off our 2021 grant season! Given the fact that we provide four different gardening grants for schools or youth programs, each with varied timelines and their own defining features, I wanted to provide a quick overview of each of these opportunities. The information below is only intended as a snapshot of each grant, so if something catches your eye I definitely encourage you to thoroughly read through all the information on our grant home pages and in our grant applications for full details about eligibility and requirements.

2021 Budding Botanist Grant

Budding BotanistKey Dates

  • Applications Due: 10/30/20
  • Winner Announcement: 12/11/20

Grant Snapshot: The first thing to know about Budding Botanist is that it’s only open to K-12 schools in the US that serve high-needs populations. Secondly, it specifically focuses on supporting new and existing garden programs that promote environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and knowledge about local ecosystems. If both of these criteria apply to your program, then you might be a great fit for the Budding Botanist grant. This year, fifteen schools will each receive $1000 in unrestricted funds as well as $200 worth of assorted materials that support garden-based learning. Learn more about Budding Botanist.

Sponsored by: Klorane Botanical Foundation

2020 Carton 2 Garden Contest

Carton 2 GardenKey Dates

  • Applications Due: 12/1/20
  • Winner Announcement: 1/8/20

Grant Snapshot: Carton 2 Garden is a fun project-based contest that can be completed whether you’re engaged in remote, hybrid, or in-person learning. K-12 schools in the US are challenged to collect 100 empty milk or juice cartons and then create a garden project or structure using them, so if you’re looking for a project to tackle with your students this is the opportunity fo you. This year, 15 programs will receive award packages ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, with special recognition given to projects that demonstrate exemplary work in a variety of speciality areas including health and nutrition, STEM, environmental stewardship, and art. Learn more about Carton 2 Garden.

Sponsored by: Evergreen Packaging

2021 Youth Garden Grant

Key Dates

  • Applications Due: 12/18/20
  • Winner Announcement: 1/29/21

Grant Snapshot: The Youth Garden Grant award package is full of assorted high-quality gardening materials, so if you’re looking to increase your supply inventory this grant might be particularly attractive. That being said, KidsGardening will also provide $250 to each of this year’s 30 winners. The Youth Garden Grant serves a wider audience than the aforementioned Budding Botanist Grant—it is open to any school, nonprofit, or youth program in the US or US territories. Learn more about the Youth Garden Grant.

Sponsored by: Leaders in the horticulture industry, and generous donors like you

2021 Gro More Good Grassroots Grant 

Gro More Good logoKey Dates

Grant Snapshot: Like the Youth Garden Grant, the Gro More Good Grassroots Grant is available to a wide variety of programs—specifically, any nonprofit or tax exempt organization may apply. Garden programs that demonstrate concrete connections to their community, serve underrepresented populations, and are interested in obtaining strictly cash awards are a great fit for this grant. In 2021, 175 grants worth a collective total of $100,000 will be distributed, making Gro More Good our most expansive and impactful grant. Learn more about Gro More Good.

Sponsored by: Scott’s Miracle-Gro Foundation

Christine Gall