Gardening Basics

Dive deeper into your gardening interests with these not-so-basic articles.

Six Easy-to-Grow Herbs

Encourage Pollinators & Beneficial Insects

Companion Planting

Grow a Rainbow

Getting Ready to Grow Under Lights

The Winter Bird-Friendly Schoolyard

Create Overwintering Habitat with an “Untidy” Garden

Indoor Gardening

Choosing What to Grow: Vegetables & Herbs

When to Plant Seeds

Indoor Seed Starting Q&A

All the Dirt on Soil

Preparing the Soil

Transplanting & Direct Seeding

Plants for Pre-K Gardens

Dealing with Garden Pests & Diseases

Garden Maintenance

Wise Watering

Safe Harvesting

Safe Gardening Guidelines

Maintaining a School Garden in Summer

Plan for a Back-to-School Harvest

Extend the Season with Plant Cover-ups

Put Your School Garden to Bed

Grow Milkweed to Help Monarch Butterflies


Worm Composting